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Corporate Fitness  

Discover why it's more effective than a gym membership!


What can you expect... 

Many subsidised gym memberships are not used due to time constraints and work commitments. After speaking to current clients at one of my corporate sites, one of the main attractions for training is the beauty of having the expertise on-site. My sessions are challenging but most importantly rewarding, with a strong emphasis on an individual’s end goal and a sense of accomplishment.


Sessions are usually 30 minutes in duration and work on a one-to-one basis. Together, we work on correct technique for effective results and focus on exercises that improve posture and strengthen specific areas that may be susceptible to pain. (lower back, neck and shoulders, for example, from sitting in front of VDUs). 


​Group sessions are also available before, during or after work which can be conducted in a nearby park or open space. The workout's focus on team work, a little bit of friendly competiton and plenty of fun!


I will distribute nutritional guidance along with recipe suggestions, food diary sheets and daily monitoring analysis. It’s not just about training individuals for 30 minutes then returning them to work, I seek to provide the whole package. I look to educate my clients about their nutrition, sleeping patterns and how to eliminate stress levels. All of these elements are vital in the search for complete wellness..

Benefits to the Employer

Healthier employees are more productive and are less likely to call in sick or use holiday time due to illness. Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day. Further benefits will include:

· Improved staff morale
· Increased productivity
· Reduced staff turnover
· Decrease in absenteeism
· Enhancement of the company's image. ​

"One of our main attractions for training is the beauty of having Tom's expertise

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